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Update Your Old Furniture with a Good Cleaning and Accessories

 cleaning: Any time that you purchase used furniture,
or want to update yours, cleaning is a great first step! Do you know what
fabric is on the upholstery or sofa? If you can locate the manufacturer’s tag,
often attached under a cushion, most of the time it will give cleaning
instructions. Or if you prefer, ask where the sofa was originally purchased to
see if the store may have any advice for you. If you cannot obtain this
information, we recommend contacting a professional upholstery cleaning service
in your local area. Cleaning the sofa or other furniture without using the
correct method can set the stains and cause your upholstery to be aesthetically
Maintenance: Regular maintenance for your upholstery is
quite simple, for detailed instructions you can visit the article, “Clean
Upholstered Furniture Like A Pro” on Better Homes & Gardens website.
Remember that once the sofa, or other pieces of furniture, is clean you should
vacuum regularly and address stains as soon as they occur. 
Add a Personal Touch: No matter if it’s new or not, a great way to
personalize your furniture is to add a pop of color. By adding a luxury throw
blanket or bedding pillow,
your upholstery can match your style perfectly. This décor trick has been
around for years and still works wonders! Faux fur and classically-striped
throws are still very trendy and can modernize your furniture in a matter of
seconds. You can choose between neutral or bright colors or add some tassels
and fringe details. 
Changing Things Up: Keeping a variety of pillows and decorative
throws stored away is always a good idea when you want to change things up to
match your style and the ever-changing seasons. During the cold, winter months,
it’s always nice to have a warm blanket to snuggle under. And when the summer
months come around, you can easily trade your snuggly blanket out for a
lightweight cotton or linen throw. Another fun way to use a large throw is as a
quilt coverlet or slipcover for furniture.
Cleaning Different Chair Materials: Cleaning furniture isn’t the easiest task, and when you add different
materials to the mix, it can be a challenge. We’ve listed a few of the most
common chair materials and the easiest ways to clean them below.
Ø  Wicker Chairs: The best way to
clean a wicker chair is to vacuum it with a soft brush attachment. Then, use a
garden hose or a brush with soapy water to wash it. When drying, make sure the
chair is in a breezy area with plenty of shade.

Ø  Chrome Chairs: You will need to
use a glass cleaner with a lint-free cloth to wipe the chair down. Check for
any rust spots and if you find some, treat them with a metal polish that is
specially made for chrome.

Painting Upholstery: Not only is paint an easy way to fix or
update household items, but it’s quick and affordable! However, many people
don’t realize that instead of spending their hard-earned money on a new piece
of furniture or slipcover, you can easily paint your upholstery for a new look!
We’ve made a list of steps to take when painting your upholstery located below:

Ø  Once you pick your paint type and color, add fabric/textile medium so the
paint softens. This allows the paint to soak into the fabric rather than
settling on top of it.
Ø  Lightly dampen your furniture before painting (spraying water from a spray
bottle works best).
Ø  Use a stiff bristle brush to go over the fabric.
Ø  If fibers in the fabric begin to rise, use a sanding block to make them

About Jennifer Adams: Since she was younger, Jennifer Adams has had a love for interior
design. While she worked as a housekeeper during her ten years, Jennifer
studied the science of sleep, using the luxury
collection she made at work as her laboratory. Since then, Jennifer
has become an interior designer, developing the perfect bed for clients to enjoy
the ultimate sleep experience. Her goal is to redefine soft and help people
express their unique styles through their homes. Here at Home by Jennifer
Adams, we want you to love coming home

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