3 unique things to go to have an unforgettable and healthy November

3 unique things to go to have an unforgettable and healthy November

November is here, and although it is generally associated with cozy nights-in and the general apathy towards going out, especially when it rains and the weather is gloomy, I would like to give you a few unique ideas of things you can do for this month to be unforgettable.  And I don’t mean the classic “bake a pumpkin pie” or “go apple picking” type of activities, but something rather challenging, that makes you go outside your comfort bubble. If you’d like to personalize a few of them – no problem, my main goal is to motivate you to go outside more and rethink your life, kinda.

Go volunteer

You might think that if you’re out of high school or college, there’s no need to spend your free time doing stuff like volunteering or helping the community. That’s exactly how I thought too, until I went to the animal shelter two years ago to get my dog, Spike. There I noticed how lonely and desperate for attention those dogs were. It wasn’t until two years ago that I browsed Wikipedia and found out that dogs can have depression too so I decided to go and spend time with them every other day when I didn’t have anything better to do than to watch Netflix and scroll the phone. I highly recommend starting volunteering this autumn, no matter the organization you’re going to and whom exactly you will be helping. It doesn’t matter if it’s only for two hours a day: trust me, they need all the help you could get.

Declutter your wardrobe

Decluttering your wardrobe is usually associated with spring, as typically people link the renewal of nature to the one of our closets and fashion taste. This year, however, I advise you to do it in October, as it is the perfect time to get rid of all the old, torn, and worn out sweaters and trousers and add something new and exciting to your style. You can donate what is still wearable and recycle the rest, so that your decluttering will also be as eco-friendly as possible. Although fast fashion brands sometimes come up with good pieces, I recommend avoiding them and shop instead at stores that make classic clothes of high-quality fabrics. For me, Tara Irish Clothing turned out to be one of those online stores, since their Irish sweaters are made of 100% merino wool and have a timeless design, so that I can wear them for many seasons without worrying that I might feel or be seen as unstylish.

Do something extreme

This month, do something extreme. October is a great month, because it is not as cold as the other two remaining, but it also gives you the feeling that the year is ending soon and you should start reviewing the New Year resolutions that you wrote down ten months ago. If doing something extreme or trying something new or doing something outside your comfort zone is on your list, October is the best time to do it. Our definitions might differ, so choose something for yourself: for someone even going hiking might be an extreme activity, while for an adrenaline junkee might have a harder time looking for something that they haven’t tried yet. I recommend the zip line: not only it gives you an adrenaline rush, but also (literally) breathtaking landscapes of autumnal foliage that you can admire.

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