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Are you stuck in a diet rut and again entering the same old weight loss program? Does the prospect of going through the same process already seem like a lost cause? Spending time and money at the gym only to see no results is frustrating and discouraging. Yet, sometimes we might lose focus on the correct weight loss routine. Hence, that might lead to us wasting time waiting for the results to appear suddenly.

We live in a world where poor food choices and sedentary lifestyles are the norms. It is hard to eat healthily and stay amidst all the daily chores. Instead, we often resort to junk food and can’t find the time to exercise. However, depriving yourself of that extra meal or skipping a workout can also lead to a bad night’s sleep. That paves the way only for this cycle to repeat itself over and over again.

Our reviews consider all these factors, together with the more practical aspects like affordability and availability. Also, after going in-depth about these items, we shortlisted some tips before your next purchase. Lastly, we selected the most common queries, together with their resolutions.  Without further ado, let’s start our journey of learning about the best weight loss pills and how they can contour your body and goals in 2022.

Top 5 Brands for Weight Loss Medications

  1. Phenq – Overall Best Weight Loss Pills On The Market
  2. Leanbean – Most Popular Weight Loss Drug for Fat Burning
  3. Trimtone – Best Selling Pills and Supplements for Weight Management
  4. PrimeShred – Customer’s Choice of Weight Loss Pill to Burn Fat
  5. Phen24 – Highly Effective Metabolism Booster for Fat Loss

#1.   PhenQ: Overall Best Weight Loss Pills On The Market

PhenQ weight loss supplements might pair best with your goals if you are just kick-starting your weight loss journey. This supplement works by using a multi-angled approach to lose the stubborn fat on your body and boost your metabolism.

More than 190,000 customers from all over the world have confided in their toned body shape using PhenQ. Hence, they are quite vocal online, sharing their satisfaction with the product. Many even attest how when no other weight-loss pill brought results; they turned to PhenQ. Soon, they enjoyed all of the advertised effects.

Wolfson Berg Ltd manufactures these non-prescription weight loss pills. In a bottle of PhenQ, you can have 60 pills which can last for up to a month if you take two pills per day. Comparatively, most brands offer packs of only 30 doses. Moreover, when you buy a three-bottle package at once, you can get two bottles for free. This way, you can fully stock up and get ready to realize your weight-loss plan.


Powerful Ingredients: PhenQ contains a blend of α-Lacys Reset, caffeine, capsimax powder, chromium picolinate, L-carnitine fumarate, and nopal. The most potent ingredient in the mix is the α-Lacys Reset, a complex of magnesium, calcium, and alpha-lipoic acid (ALA). This complex helps get rid of the body fat by inducing thermogenesis which is the body’s natural heat production process.

Appetite Suppressant: Apart from α-Lacys Reset, the presence of caffeine and chromium picolinate makes PhenQ a potent appetite suppressant. Caffeine increases the alertness and focus of your mind while suppressing your appetite in conjunction with the chromium picolinate effects of reducing hunger cravings. Overall, PhenQ helps you in controlling your food intake.

Safe for Women and Men: PhenQ works wonders for male weight loss goals and for females who are taking birth control pills. Therefore, you can take these diet pills without hesitation and rely on their proven formula.

67-days Money-Back Guarantee: You can utilize a 60-day money-back policy on purchasing the PhenQ diet pills. This is an excellent consumer policy that allows newcomers the time to test them properly. Also, the seven days for shipping are also included in this guarantee period which is valid for a refund on unopened bottles.


  • Top-ranking prescription weight loss drugs
  • Made from herbs
  • Ingredients safety assured
  • No side effects
  • Inhibit fat build-up
  • GMP certified facility
  • Vegan friendly
  • Free shipping
  • 60-days money-back policy and discounts


  • Might be problematic for people sensitive to caffeine
  • Suitable for people over 18 years

=> Click here to visit the official website of PhenQ

#2.  Leanbean: Most Popular Weight Loss Drug for Fat Burning

If you are a female and tired of dealing with intractable fat on different parts of your body, then the Leanbean formula can work wonders for your weight loss regimen. Ever since gracing the market, Leanbean has taken place among the most effective and sought-after supplements for females. Hence, it’s made a name for itself thanks to good word of mouth and a fair price.

Leanbean is a product of a business known as Ultimate Life Limited based in the United Kingdom. It took several years’ worth of research before launching this efficient weight loss formula on the market. Also, this company has a high rank for weight loss medication for women. In that way, they don’t lose focus on what they excel at.


Muscle Building and Weight Loss: Generally, women are naturally inclined to shed excess weight at a much slower pace than men. However, Leanbean’s formula makes up for this fact. To that end, they’ve researched for the most efficient way to trick the female body into a ‘faster working’ routine, so to speak. 

Reduce Cravings: Women have a higher tendency to give in to hunger cravings than men, and Leanbean manufacturers understand this. That’s why they created a formula that reduces these cravings to a healthier level. Hence, you’ll lower your calorie intake,  avoiding fat accumulations on the waistlines. Glucomannan is the key player for this role that works by causing stomach swelling to make you feel full. 

Thermogenic Effect: Leanbean formula supports the metabolism of fats in the body, which causes a surge in fat consumption. Next, the body has to make energy from the stored fat instead of waiting for more food to take its place. Also, chromium picolinate induces a regular macronutrient metabolism, which helps maintain blood pressure levels.  

Discounts & 90-days Money Back Guarantee: The company provides valuable discounts on large orders. For instance, you can get free worldwide shipping when you purchase a three-month supply of these supplements. 


  • Unique formulation targeted for women
  • May helps in an energy surge
  • Reduce fatigue, appetite, and fat
  • Ingredients backed with scientific research
  • Best for both vegan and vegetarians
  • More glucomannan than other weight loss supplements
  • 90-days refund policy


  • Buy through the official website only

=> Click here to visit the official website of LeanBean

#3. Trimtone: Best Selling Pills and Supplements for Weight Management

Trimtone is a product of Swiss Research Labs. These all-natural low fat diet pills are manufactured in completely safe and certified facilities to aid your lean body goals. Trimtone is one of those few weight loss supplements made while keeping the women’s weight loss goals in mind.

The vision for these pills started from the fact that women and men do not have the same performance levels when it comes to losing weight. Instead, the male body works quicker when tasked with burning fat; thus, men can lose weight easier than women. Therefore, we have Trimtone, a non-prescription weight loss drug that targets women in their 30s and 40s.

For more context, the company shares helpful educational resources on the official website. Once there, visitors can access many related scientific studies, user testimonials, and blogs. Plus, they can learn a lot about the products’ content and potency.


All Green Formula: There is no trace of synthetic elements used to make the potent formula of Trimtone. This weight loss supplement helps you maintain the desired weight without affecting your overall well being. The blend contains a mix of five all-natural ingredients that remove toxins from the body. It has green coffee, glucomannan, green tea, grain of paradise, and caffeine. 

Induce Thermogenesis: Caffeine is the primary ingredient that kick-starts the process of heat production in the body. According to studies, caffeine significantly enhances your metabolic rate within three hours of ingestion. In addition, caffeine increases lipolysis, a term for fat breakdown in science. 

Burn Calories in Resting Mode: Whether you religiously exercise or not, Trimtone can help you level up your weight loss game. The presence of caffeine in the formula causes Trimtone to burn calories even when you rest. At the same time, the pills affect your mental health, too, providing an energetic vibe with a clearer mind by controlling your appetite.

100-days Money Back Guarantee: The company is confident enough with its product that it provides a wholesome 100 days refund policy. Therefore, you can get 100% money back within 100 days of your shopping if you are unhappy with the purchase.


  • Clean energy production
  • Boost overall health
  • Pure and organic ingredients
  • See visible results within weeks
  • No potential negative effects
  • Potent appetite suppressant
  • 100-day refund policy


  • Contraindicated for pregnant and breastfeeding women
  • Not for vegans
  • Buy through the official website

=> Click here to visit the official website of Trimtone

#4.  PrimeShred: Customer’s Choice of Weight Loss Pill to Burn Fat

PrimeShred weight loss pills aim to assist all men with their weight-loss struggles. Hence, this supplement promotes burning fat at a healthy pace while supplying the user with energy boosts. MuscleClub Limited is the company that produces this diet supplement that works by retaining the energy and muscle mass during the weight loss journey.

MuscleClub is an online supplement store that takes pride in creating diet pills and muscle-building supplements. Plus, they envision these products to work alongside an effective workout plan. For that, they keep on evaluating how the male body reacts during the whole process and look for ever more effective measures.

The company’s transparency of using natural ingredients that imparts no side effects causes men and women to take an interest in their products. Apart from bodybuilding goals, PrimeShred can play a vital role in toning your body. Either way, it’s a product to choose whenever switching to a healthier lifestyle.


Hardcore Fat Burner for Men: The PrimeShred pills take a more direct approach, putting your body into higher gear whenever burning those calories. As such, this is a convenient choice for a tougher bodybuilding routine. It can push you toward snew milestones in sculpting the muscular tone of your body. Bodybuilding helps in losing weight effectively, but many bodybuilders struggle to achieve their goals through exercise alone. 

Ingredients: PrimeShred is a mixture of effective ingredients, including green tea, caffeine, capsaicin, Bioperine, L-Theanine, DMAE, vitamin B6and L-tyrosine. 

Three-Step Approach: PrimeShred employs a three-phase approach to shed those stubborn extra percentages of fat. For one, it hastens the natural pace with which your body uses up calories. Unlike taking a stimulant like caffeine, whose effects wither away after a short period, PrimeShred induces thermogenesis. 

Non-GMO: The company uses organic ingredients that are not genetically modified in any sense to enhance their capacity and efficacy. The formula is free from soy, gluten, and dairy, making it even better for vegans. Plus, they come packed in a vegetable capsule. 

100-days Refund Policy: PrimeShred capsules come with a 100-day money-back guarantee as the company is confident about the power of the formula. You can easily claim a refund with no questions asked for any unopened product.


  • Induce natural fat burning
  • Perfect for vegans
  • Helps weight loss in men and women
  • Activates hormones
  • Ingredients backed by scientific evidence


=> Click here to visit the official website of PrimeShred

#5.  Phen24: Highly Effective Metabolism Booster for Fat Loss

The reputable Wolfson Berg Limited is the producer of Phen24. Over the years, this company pointed many users towards a more effective and healthier routine. It comprises a team of professionals with plenty of experience in the supplements industry. As such, they know how to create an attractive new product.

To make Phen 24, the brand operates from a standardized and FDA approved facility located in the United States. The company’s facility is also certified by Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), which reflects their priority of producing safe products. On the other hand, Phen24 uses an advanced formula with a high potency factor. That’s why it won’t take long to feel its effects. For many, these instant results serve as an incentive to press on to the end. Therefore, Phen24 acts as a non-prescription shortcut to a better physique.


Researched Ingredients: A list of non-GMO and researched ingredients used in the making of Phen24 is comprised of iodine, L-phenylalanine, L-carnitine, guarana extract, copper sulfate, zinc, caffeine, manganese, and cayenne powder. Manganese assists in the standard and enhanced functioning of the body and brain, while zinc helps regulate hormones that our body uses throughout the day. Guarana extract increases your ability for athletic performance in the gym. At the same time, it keeps your mind sharp and assists in wearing off the fatigue.

Day and Night Time Formulas: The unique selling point of Phen24 is that it has two different formulas that target our body condition and metabolism day and night. Both of these formulas have varied ingredients that target a different goal.

Rapid Fat Burning: Phen24 acts as a thermogenic fat burner, producing heat and freeing up the stored fat molecules and calories. This supplement is a good choice for those who do not engage in regular exercise. Therefore, its thermogenic effect causes the body to burn more fats passively.

Carb Blocker: Generally, carbohydrates, when consumed in excess quantities, quickly turn into fats. After a while, these reserves might pile up and lead to obesity issues. However, with the carb blocking effects of Phen24, you can allow yourself some more leeway here. Phen24 will extract fewer carbohydrates from your diet, specifically from all glucose sources.


  • Specific day and night formulations
  • Vegan weight loss supplements
  • Perfects metabolic rate
  • Suitable for people who exercise less
  • Free worldwide shipping


  • Contraindicated with antidepressants and in endocrine disorders, liver, kidney disease, prostate cancer, and hypertrophy

=> Click here to visit the official website of Phen24

How Did We Make This List of Best Weight Loss Drugs?

To trim down the list, we set on to spot the shady-looking options. We quickly caress the brands with outdated sites and a lack of customer feedback off the list. Next, we went further with this elimination process. After only a dozen of the products survived, we applied some essential criteria when comparing them. We focus on the brand’s history, the product’s content, efficacy, confirmed results, price, etc. We also cross-checked the facts and authenticity by looking for customer testimonials on their official website and related forums. This approach allowed us to jot down the list of the five best choices.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Diet Pills to Help you Lose Weight

Did you know that over 36.5% of all adults in the US are obese? Not only that, about 32.5% of American adults are overweight. This is a concerning trend and proof that many people lead an unhealthy lifestyle. However, it is by no means the norm that anyone should follow. Instead, we should strive for a lower fat percentage in our bodies to stay healthy and proactive. Luckily, products like weight-loss pills can lend a helping hand there. 

Yet, you shouldn’t rush to subscribe to any proper-looking supplements company. After all, these are edibles that may have more than one effect on your body. Therefore, implement the following criteria:

When examining a new weight-loss supplement, ensure that the product has convenient packaging. Also, take a good look at the label. There, you should find a detailed list of the content, the warnings, the claims, the intake cycle, etc. Moreover, double-check the expiry date before opening up the bottle. Next, aim to empty the package within that time frame.

For the efficacy of these edibles, the primary ingredient’s quality is pivotal. Look for brands that don’t cut corners by resorting to cheaper but synthetic additions for best results. Instead, favor those who stick to naturally occurring compounds when curating their formulas. 

If visiting the supplement aisle often is your thing, you must have witnessed a “proprietary blend” tag of ingredients on most of the bottles. However, in general, this only points out the list of ingredients without disclosing their respective dosages. Companies can quickly get away with only adding trace amounts of the most beneficial elements with this tactic. 

Switching to a new product seems like a risky endeavor, most notably regarding weight-loss pills. To ensure that a product is a bang for your buck, look for a fair money-back guarantee. The best supplement manufacturers will come through in this manner, and not just in an effort to earn the user’s trust. Companies are offering at least a 60-day money-back guarantee, and some also provide a maximum of 100 days refund policy. If you return the unused products within this timeframe, you can have a full refund.

Today’s always-online world creates fresh data resources on a daily level. Therefore, you can find many honest opinions about a product at just a few clicks away. By reading those reviews, you can deduce the broader picture around these edibles. This covers even the brand’s (supposedly) fair customer support practices.

FAQs Regarding Top Weight Loss Supplements

1.   What is the right time to take weight loss pills?

Before you decide on incorporating your new diet pills into your regimen, you must check with the brand’s suggestion. Most brands recommend taking weight loss pills half an hour before breakfast. However, it is not a fact for every supplement. For example, it’s best to take some pills prior to working out. This will allow your body to utilize them in this critical period. 

2.  Are weight loss pills effective?

Yes, they are effective on their own. However, you can boost their efficacy when using them in conjunction with the proper diet, sleep, and exercise. Also, you might face diminishing returns once you fail to make the appropriate lifestyle changes. On the other hand, you can look for appetite suppressants to help you out. However, most diet pills work better alongside a demanding workout routine.

3.  Are there different types of supplements for weight loss?

Currently, there are several categories of weight loss pills available on the market: thermogenic fat burners, appetite suppressants, carb blockers, and keto diet pills. Appetite suppressants help shed weight by suppressing your calorie intake and boosting fat and calorie burning. Carb blockers work by inhibiting the necessary enzyme for the breakdown of complex carbohydrates. 

4.  Is it possible to lose weight without diet and exercise?

A proper diet plan is necessary to maximize the effects of the weight loss supplements. This allows your body to properly process all the nutrients and get into a healthy routine. Also, you can support this collaboration by keeping an eye on your daily total calorie intake. In other words, mind the relation between the number of taken and the number of used up calories at the end of the day. 

5.  What are the side effects of over-the-counter weight loss pills?

There are two deciding factors for whether weight loss pills can pose side effects. The ingredients are the first, and their dosages are another. If a particular ingredient or ingredients are present in abnormal quantities, you are more likely to face issues when processing such compounds.

6.   Does the FDA approve natural weight loss pills?

The Food and Drug Administration does not review or approve dietary supplements to verify their effectiveness and safety. It is because the law does not consider supplements as drugs. That’s why weight loss supplements do not have to get FDA approval before entering the market. However, the companies have to be upfront about the content of these edibles. Hence, it’s up to the user to evaluate whether it might pose problems for them.

Wrapping Up: Best Diet Pill Brands to Lose Weight Fast

Even if you are only a few pounds away from your ideal weight, dieting and exercise can feel like an uphill battle. However, there are clever ways to alleviate the frustration. Natural supplements do not have any harmful side effects, making them the most convenient choice when struggling to lose weight. Plus, they speed up the metabolism, which is helpful in more than one way. This also causes decreased appetite and other life-changing effects. Hence, many people use these best weight loss supplements  even after achieving their body goals. As you continue on your weight loss journey, you will find yourself more inclined towards creating healthy habits. Therefore, switching to these edibles can set you on a path to a much healthier way of life.

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