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SlS space ship of Nasa

Image Credit: NASA

what is an sls program?.

Sls Program is the latest and one of the most advanced program, This concept will take the concepts of Ares 1 and Ares v from the constellation program and combine them into one rockets

Nasa’s Space Launch system Capabilities:

Nasa’s space launch system is capable of

  • It ‘s Made for deep space Exploration
  • It’s Main Motive is to carry high ratio of pay-load on board to cruise the rocket
  • It’sBuilt to send more tha 57,000 points to deep space

It cotains 6 Portions in its Rocket:

  1. Orion Space Craft
  2. Orion Slag Adapter
  3. Interim Cryogenic Propulsion Stage
  4. Core Stage
  5. Solid Rocket Booster
  6. four rs-25 Engine

whats cool about this rocket is that it produces the ground thrust of 8.8 Million Pounds it adds the key feature to the Nasa’s Artemis Mission to moon, Offering highest payload of mass, volume capability and energy to speed missions through deep space, it is even planning to land first women on the moon and the next moon followed by 2024, it is the only rocket that can send Orion, astronauts and supplies beyond earths on a single mission

Orion Space Craft:

it is controled by system of the rocket, which means like a cook-pit of the Aircraft which can carry 4 Astronauts from Earth to moon and bring them safely home

Orion Stage Adapter:

It is the place where sattelite is being setteled-up for docking and it provides a barrier to the launch vehicle gases. such as hydrogen from entering the orion spacecraft. it is made with multiple layers of carbons fiber with epoxy. the orion stage adoptor measures about 5.5 m in total in denominator and 1.5 m tall

Interim cryogenic propulsion stage

on the first flight of nasa’s space launch system with the orion spacecraft, the inern cryogenic propulsion system (icps) with provided the thrust needed and nasa said they are already two years late in projecting the operation of artemis due to the late issue of new tooling used to weld the core stages together with the boeing and boeing completely owns that and send Orion 13 Secondary payloads beyond the Moon.

One Rl10 engine provider over 20,000 power of thrust to send off moon than 26 metric tons to the moon that includes Orion, Astronauts and supplies.

Core Stage

It Stands high as 212-ft tall stage Holds 733.000 gallons of propellent to power RS-25 engine for 8 Minute and Sending the Rocket to Space and soar like a Beast at 17,000 MPH.

Solid Rocket Booster

Solid Rocket Booster has two rocket segment as placed in every rocket one is the left and the other in the right each 17 story – tall booster propagator the 3.6 Million pounds of thrust and providing the 75 Percent of Total Thrust During the SLS Rockets first two meter of flight

Four Rs-25 Engine

It is one of the most powerfull and efficient engine ever built and providing a total of 2 Million pounds of thrust for launch and Ascent of space

It is Noted to be that, it is one of the greatest rocket of the Modern Era and SLS will launch more than three times as much weight into the space as the space, it will be the part of the artemis. which is the Nasa’s again man to moon Mission

as well their Moon return plan is amazing as the astronauts plans to land near the lunar south pole by 2024 and establish a long-term , sustainable human presence as and around the moon by 2028 Nasa said they are already two years later in projecting the operation of Artemis due to the late issue of new tooling used to weld the core stages together with the Boeing , and Boeing completely owns that..

Another issue was that, they underestimated the complexity of building an rocket engine section TVC and all hydraulic System

TVC: It is the Nozzle part of the Rocket which Manipulate the direction of the thrust from its engine control the altitude or angular Velocity of the Vehicle

Boeing reported that they really learnt a lot from the process of making an SLS with Nasa , the four liquid-proppellent engines at the bases are each rocket , combined with solid-rocket boosters, it requires an 8 minute climb to push itself into the space as the technology evolves the rocket booster will be set for advancement

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