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Fortnite Mobile Android NEWS: Big update for fans waiting on Epic Games download!

FORTNITE MOBILE is now available on iOS and proving to be a big hit, however Android users are having to wait longer, with a new report claiming that it isn’t the no.1 “priority” for Epic Games.

While many fans may have thought that Epic Games were ready to rush out an Android port, have been given some big news this week.
Having already seen their new game top the iOS charts, it would be fair to think that Epic Games would want to get their new mobile game out on as many platforms as possible.
However, while the Fortnite Mobile Android launch will likely prove to be big, it doesn’t look like it’s going to be arriving any sooner than first planned.
Fortnite Mobile has already made its mark on the Apple Store, beating established brands and making a tidy profit at the same time.
It’s estimated that the Battle Royale App may have already made over $2 million in revenue, even without a full release.
That’s because while Fortnite is playable on iPhones and iPads, it’s currently invite-only.
Fans need to sign up via email to grab a code to join the Battle Royale action, making the recent estimates even more impressive.
It already has over 50,000 ratings on the App Store, with the next wave of invites for iOS users expected to arrive soon.
But it’s not quite the same for other mobile users.

    Fortnite Mobile on Android is not being rushed

Fortnite Mobile for Android won’t be arriving this month, with Epic Games confirming that it will be supported on the Google Play Store in the next few months.
The development team have already revealed that they delayed a launch on Android due to the more varied hardware on the market.
The iOS platform has a much narrower range of phones, so it makes sense that Epic Games would need more time to fine-tune the Android version.
And according to a recent report, the development team aren’t rushing to launch the Mobile port.
New sources claim that Epic Games are not making Fortnite Mobile on Android the priority over other versions, something that may seem surprising to those watching the success of the limited mobile release on iOS.
“According to sources familiar with the information who wish to remain anonymous, the Android version of Fortnite is not THE priority at Epic Games at the moment, but it’s in the pipeline,” Slashgear reports.
“Imagine there’s a whiteboard somewhere on which written is: “TO DO: Develop Fortnite Mobile for Android, too.” On that same to do list is Develop Fortnite Mobile for iOS first, because of the more precise nature of the development process (for fewer devices,) but there it is.”
As always, it’s worth taking these reports with a pinch of salt, however, it would make sense that Epic Games are trying to avoid rushing their new product launch.
PUBG Mobile has also just seen its release on both iOS and Android, and will prove stiff competition.
PUBG Mobile is currently the most downloaded game on the iOS App Store and looks set to be hugely successful on Android too.
So when Fortnite does launch on Samsungs and Sony phones, Epic Games will want it to be the best they can make it.
Whatever does happen, it appears both games will remain hugely successful in 2018, with new rivals already jumping on board to compete.
FortCraft is just one example of a new Battle Royale game that’s looking to compete with the likes of PUBG and Fortnite.
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