Health Benefits Of Jackfruit Seeds: How To Include Them In Your Summer Diet

India and its connection with zero-waste cooking has been there since time immemorial. If you explore the diversified recipes from across the country, you will see us making the most of each and every ingredient we find around. Take banana tree for instance – we eat the stem, the flower and the fruit (both in its raw and ripe forms). Even the leaves are used as plates to eat our meals. Likewise, there’s another such fruit that makes a popular choice among all. It’s the jackfruit (or kathal as we call it in Hindi). Jackfruit, in its raw form, is consumed as sabzi; whereas, it makes for a sweet, juicy and super delicious fruit when ripen. 

But, what do you do with the seeds? Most of you will say, throw them away! We say, do not throw the seeds away as they are loaded with several health-benefitting properties. Besides, these seeds taste good too! Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar shared a post on her Instagram handle featuring her teammate describing the benefits of jackfruit seeds and how they are consumed. Let’s take a look. 

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Health Benefits Of Jackfruit Seeds: 

1. Rich In Fibre: 

Jackfruit seeds are loaded with healthy fibres that help boost digestion, metabolism and overall gut health. This subsequently help keep our skin and hair healthy. 

2. Enriched With B Vitamins: 

B vitamins play a major role in maintaining overall well-being. It impacts our energy levels, brain function and promote healthy cells. 

3. Promote Haemoglobin: 

Jackfruit seeds are enriched with iron that help boost production of haemoglobin in our body, which also helps form more red blood cells. 

4. Protein-Rich: 

These seeds are protein-enriched that help keep us full for long. This subsequently makes the jackfruit seeds great for weight loss diet. 

5. Promote Immunity: 

All these above factors further help promote immune health and keep several health issues at bay. 

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Jackfruit and its seeds are full of health-benefitting properties. 

How To Eat Jackfruit Seeds: 

1. Boil Them: 

All you need to do is boil the seeds for 10-15 minutes with some salt. Then peel the outer skin and consume. 

2. Roast Them: 

Heat some ghee in a kadhai, add salt to it and roast the seeds on low flame. They turn crunchy and make for a perfect quick bite to curb odd-time hunger. 

So, from now on, do not throw away the jackfruit seeds. Instead, eat them to make the most of the fruit during the summer season.   

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