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Importance of Brakes Box System in Car

Brake boxes play a vital role in the smooth running of a car. The
brake box, which is the main part of the brake system, depends on a few
components, which are: brake liquid, brake pedal, brake calipers, wheel cylinders,
etc. There are primarily two types of braking systems. 
The Brake Types
Brake types include disc brake system, and drum brake system. The
disc brake system consists of disc brake pads, rotor, wheel bearings, disc
assembly, caliper assembly, etc. In this system, hoses, tubes and valves
connect the calipers to the master cylinder, and the brake fluid passes through
this connection. 
Another type is drum brake system which comprises backing plate
and drum, brake shoes, wheel bearings, axle assembly, wheel cylinder. In this
braking system the master cylinder and the wheel cylinder are connected
together through hoses, valves and tubes through which the brake fluid
These are the types of braking systems that play an important role
in a vehicle.  Apart from this, there are two important components which
needs attentions. They are the brake fluid and the brake pedal. 
#1. The Brake Fluid
It is the component which is used in the brake pedal, which
basically transfers force into pressure and is passed through the all the
components of the brake box system to the engine to stop the car from running.
It is the fluid, which builds the pressure with its hydraulic system. 
#2. The Brake Pedals
The brake pedal is a stable surface that support your feet, and
are pressed by feet to apply brakes partially or fully. It is one of the very
important parts of the brake box, which comes in direct contact with the
automobile driver, and works as per its condition and how a user maintains
#3. The Brake Box
These are all the important components that the brakes box
consists of. The brake
box plays a vital part in a car
, and the safety of an automobile
totally depends on this element. Any problem with any component of the brake
box can be fatal, and can cause serious problems and even an accident as well.
To ensure the safety of a car, driver and passenger, longevity of the
components, it is recommended to get it checked at regular intervals from a
reputed service provider. 
Come Brakes Box Trouble Signals
Here are some signals to indicate that when there is a problem
with the brake box, and they are as follows: 
  • Noisy brakes, especially when
    there is a grinding or scraping sound
  • If the copper content in brake
    fluid after testing is present more than 200ppm
  • When a brake pedal has a soft and
    spongy feel to it
  • When you apply brakes, the car
    pulls to one side
  • If the level of brake fluid is
    low in master cylinder after testing
  • The indicator lamp of brake
    system is on 
In all these situations, one or more components of the brake
system may need a check or repair. If the copper content in brake fluid is
high, fluid will have to be changed. If the brake pedal is soft, it will have
to be changed. And similarly, all such things that are different from usual
need to be checked and changed when screeching noises and troubles accompany
the running of the car while braking. 
Brakes box checking can be done at any service station. But an extensive
check is normally not done along with routine vehicle checkups. For this, you
will have to contact with a service station which claims to be expert in brake box treatments.
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