Mental health benefits of fitness help in your everyday life

While the physical health benefits of working out are obvious, the mental health aspects are just as important.

YORK, Pa. — Obviously working out has plenty of benefits from a physical standpoint.

“We specialize in fitness for people over 40.  We mostly do small group and personal training.  Our sessions are based on not only trying to get people to feel great, but also get better at daily activities, so it’s a lot of hinging, pushing, pulling, and carrying,” said First Capital Gym owner Ryan Zuver.

Still, one can’t forget to factor in what a good workout can do for your mental health.

Multiple studies have shown that people who exercise regularly have better mental health and emotional wellbeing, as well as a lower rate of mental illness.

“What we find is that people who are in better shape are more happy people with higher self-esteem,” added Zuver.  “They’re able to do stuff with their family and they’re even more confident at work.”

It’s easy to find an excuse, or for something to come up, so building this time into your schedule is key.

“I mean, at home, you could give up.  You could put in a load of laundry.  You could answer your phone, your boss may be calling, your kids may want you,” said Heritage Hills Athletic Club Fitness Director Becky Gibney.  “Here, people have that time, that hour to yourself.  Not only is it beneficial to them physically, but it’s also beneficial mentally.  We had a lot of mental health during the pandemic and physical health is a huge thing with your mental health.”

And if you don’t have anyone to watch the little ones, some gyms and fitness centers have areas that will keep your kids entertained, while you work out.

“Not just here, but the entire resort as a whole, we’re looking to get back to making those connections,” said Heritage Hills Athletic Club General Manager Matt Schaeffer.  “It’s facilitating and emphasizing those connections in the safest way possible and really helping to heal the mental deterioration that we see from the pandemic.”

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