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Off the beaten path: Places to visit in Delhi

New Delhi and the National Capital Region is one of the busiest and one of the most visited parts of the country.  The city is filled with a host of places that one can visit, from world-famous monuments and UNESCO world heritage sites; there is something on offer for everyone. But the city also boasts some places which are hugely overlooked by tourists and visitors. These places offer some amazing sights and scenery. Some of these are:

Akshardham Temple: A massive temple located in the heart of Delhi, it boasts of many cultural and spiritual activities that one can indulge in. It possesses a level of grandeur unmatched by any other place. The temple promotes the values and beliefs of Hinduism and also helps people understand the spirituality of the culture. The temple is visited very often by people, but yet somehow tourists still manage to look past that. The place also offers many cultural exhibitions and includes boat rides. Inside the temple is the AkshardhamMandir, the temple itself is 141 feet tall and 316 feet wide. The design is very traditional but the materials used are very modern, with the utilization of sandstone from Rajasthan and marble from Italy. It is a place worth a visit and one may also end up on the path of realization once they are enlightened from the aura of the temple.

Gandhi Smriti: A place often missed by tourists, this is the exact location where the great Mahatma was shot. As a gesture, the place is generally very silent and one can still feel the importance and weight of the actions of Gandhi. There is more than just a singular monument where one can pay their respects, there are rooms filled with photographs, sculptures and paintings that descript his story. There is also a multimedia film played daily which chronicles his life in great details and is worth a watch. It doesn’t matter if one is patriotic or not, one can still pay homage to one of the nation’s greatest leaders and a pioneer in our freedom movement.

Gurudwara Bangla Sahib: This Sikh temple was once the residence of the great Mirza Raja Jai Singh and hence this place is a very aptly named as Bangla Sahib. This is a temple of Zen and peace and one can feel the calmness in the walls of the place. Once one completes their pilgrimage and has found a sense of accomplishment they can receive the blessing from the Almighty in the form of a ‘Langar’ which is a common meal initiated by the Waheguru.

These are some of the sights in the NCR which often does not get the attention it deserves. They have a great story and history to tell, one can spend time admiring the places and admiring the riches. The next step should be to book your flights. For example, if you are from Mumbai, then look for Mumbai to Delhi flights schedule and book a flight as soon as possible. Delhi has a lot more to offer and one should wait for no further to explore this place.

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