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Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery Replacement

Samsung galaxy s6 battery replacement was not easy , moerover we gonna easily snatch up the turorial, come on lets see

samsung galaxy s6 was a lead head model in the market to sell out gross of 6 million Phones in the 2016 since the year of the phone launch. it is beautifully sculptured sexy looking smart phone until people never knows about its bad. yes ofcourse most people tell s6 is a succesive model of the Samsung, but is a huge failure when it comes to the battery 25% of the s6 users search in interenet about to change the battery of samsung s6

Here’s the tutorial for you how you can Quickly Replace Samsung S6 Battery

Step 1:

do the Backup of your Mobile Phone Before you proceed with your Removal. and Shut down the s6 and remove the sim card

Step 2:

you have to haet the back lower gently with your hair dryer (or) you can even use your microwave oven for 15 sec’s , so the back cover easily comes out.

Step 3:

Take the Suction cup and faction it on the back cover and gently try to open the back cover.

Step 4:

Use any micro Screwdriver to pull up the Secrews of the center frame.

Step 5:

Try to Flip the NFC antenna upwards which is in black color.

Step 6:

Now, separate the Smartphone out the Battery with the help of the Spaluta and REmove the Battery from the case.

Step 7:

Try to insert your New Battery and connect it through the Connector with your Smart phone.

Step 8:

Tighten up the Screws that you pulled up and Reverse back to the Normal order.

The Procedure is advised only for your service or an Authorized Service agent and makes it so perfect without any Defets


Slice your life warns you to do this proceedure at your own risk , and the media is not responsible for any kind of action like malfunction or defects


Do all the Fire Safety Measures in order to proceed with the steps given Above

Check here for the Samung User Guidelines for Battery Removal:

Look Over the Video to make it simple:

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