Top 6 Weight Loss Pills To Lose Weight Fast

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Unfortunately, body shaming has become pandemic. The devastating effect of this problem is far-reaching and destructive. Because of the seeming unavailability of options, many, especially women, have submitted their bodies to the merciless scalpels of self-acclaimed cosmetic surgeons. The aftermath has been troubling and unthinkable for many. Imagine going under the knife to get your dream look, but in the end, you lose your money, fail to solve your problem, and end up with a worse look.
A more cost-effective and healthier alternative to plastic surgery is fat burners. The best fat burners on the market are natural, safe, cheap, and effective. Furthermore, fat burners have many advantages over other available means of getting rid of excess fat and tapering your waist. Looking self-satisfactorily is the desire of many, which is why the availability of fat burners on the dietary supplement market is a blessing.
Feeling insecure about your body shape is as common as body shaming. Unlike body shaming which comes from outside sources, insecurity comes from within. Even though they come from different sources, both have equally damaging effects on self-confidence. While this is a common issue, those suffering can use healthy alternatives to shed weight. One such alternative is fat burners. The supplements work with physical exercise and a healthy diet to help you get a trim, balanced, and healthy body.
We have gone through thick and thin to bring you the best fat burners currently available on the market. The procedure we used in choosing the best products is open and transparent. As a result, you will take away two things from this article. First, you will know the best fat burners. Second, you will also learn to identify the best products in any context whenever the need arises.

List Of Top 6 Fat Burner Supplements For Weight Loss

  1. PhenQ – Overall Best Fat Burner On The Market, Editor’s Pick
  2. Leanbean – Top Rated Weight Loss Pills For Women
  3. Instant Knockout – Best Men Focused Weight Loss Supplements
  4. Trimtone – Most Recommended For Weight Loss Management
  5. PrimeShred – Popular Weight Loss Pills For Beginners
  6. Clenbutrol – Effective And Natural Belly Fat Burner


#1. PhenQ – Overall Best Fat Burner On The Market, Editor’s Pick



PhenQ is a weight-loss solution that uses multiple approaches to burn fat and suppress unwanted fat production. Though the brand is relatively new on the market, its exploits have catapulted it to the forefront.
PhenQ combines various weight-loss benefits in each pill you take. It contains formulas and properties that help your body undergo an easy transformation as a dietary supplement. Unlike the other weight loss products, it burns fat and keeps your appetite at bay. Thus, your body does not overwork itself producing fat that you don’t need. Remember, a low appetite means reduced food consumption, which means a significant cut in calorie intake.
Further to all these features, this slimming product still offers free shipping and boasts world-class customer service. You can save extra money on shipping and get a handsome discount on every purchase. In addition, you stand a chance of substantial multi-buy savings.


Easy to Use Formula: The product is straightforward to use as you don’t require a doctor’s prescription. A dietary formula based on natural ingredients, PhenQ is safe and effective. Because of its natural ingredients, you don’t have to worry about side effects while using PhenQ.

Money-Back Guarantee: PhenQ is so confident about its promises that it offers you a hundred percent money-back guarantee. Reputable and reliable weight-loss products like PhenQ give this guarantee because they are sure of the quality of their products. Generally, satisfied customers purchase more of the supplement and don’t ask for their money back.

Energy Boosting Formula: PhenQ is unique. Since the supplement suppresses appetite, it is only reasonable that it has properties that boost your energy to cover any loss. Otherwise, your body will soon start starving, and that may prove disastrous. PhenQ gives your body nonfat-producing power that keeps you going and keeps fat away to avoid such adverse effects.

Mood Booster: PhenQ includes ingredients known for their mod-boosting properties. Your mood has a significant influence on your lifestyle choices and eating habits. Even after getting the kind of body shape you want, you need the confidence to enjoy it. Confidence comes easily with a high mood. Therefore, it is a plus that PhenQ boosts your mood, allowing you to enjoy a healthy and positive lifestyle.

Scientifically Proven Ingredients: With PhenQ, science backs the efficacy of all its ingredients, especially α-Lacys Reset. While taking α-Lacys Reset, you can lose up to 7.24% of body fat and increase your muscle mass by about 3.80%. Put together, and this may account for a loss of close to 3.44% of your body weight.


  • Multi-buy savings guaranteed
  • Easy to use
  • No prescription required
  • Multifaceted potency
  • Pleasant tasting pills
  • 100% scientifically proven and safe ingredients
  • FDA and GMP approved facilities
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Not suitable for people allergic to caffeine
  • Caffeine addiction possible
  • Can cause sleep disruption

#2. Leanbean – Top Rated Weight Loss Pills For Women


Leanbean’s formula revolves around glucomannan, an appetite suppressant popular with dietitians. There is wisdom in its concentration for a women-focused dietary supplement. Generally, women hardly ever eat in enormous rations; instead, they eat intermittently in multiple small rations. As a result, eating habits account for a significant percentage of overweight in women.
Leanbean targets this behavior without causing harm or disrupting any healthy pattern in your everyday life. It effectively suppresses your appetite by causing swelling in your stomach and giving your body the impression of being full. If you don’t crave food unnecessarily, what you eat will reduce, and so will your daily calorie intake. However, the fat burner does not interfere with healthy eating.
Another feature of Leanbean is its reliance on physical exercises to burn fat and tone your body. The formula contains choline, which complements and controls your body’s fat metabolism while exercising tones your muscles. The result of this synergy of healthy eating and regular exercising is fantastic for losing weight.


Ingredients: Leanbean uses ingredients that include Vitamins B6 and B13. These vitamins are vital to help with fatigue and exhaustion. Thus, your body needs them in a reasonable dosage to stay fit and healthy. Another ingredient of interest is chromium picolinate, an essential trace mineral that supports macronutrient metabolism. It also helps your body maintain blood glucose at a healthy level.

Diet and Lifestyle: Leanbean encourages a healthy and active lifestyle. As with many other fat burners, it cannot work by itself. Many people deceive themselves by thinking that they can get a weight-loss product that will do everything for them. Therefore, many keep leading unhealthy lifestyles by eating junk, yet they want a miraculous body transformation. It is equal to living a lie. The truth is that no supplement can do it all for you. If you want good results, you have a role to play. Your diet must be healthy, and you must lead an active lifestyle that involves lots of physical exercise.

Low Stimulant Content: Not everybody is okay with stimulants. Yes, stimulants help with your mood and energy level, yet too much of them can spark adverse reactions in some people. Thus, Leanbean uses stimulants moderately so that your body does not become over-reliant on them.

Suited for Women: Most fat burners on the market target bodybuilders who are primarily men. It may be unconscious, but it often leaves out women who desire lean and beautiful bodies. Well, Leanbean has filled this vacuum. The formula focuses on women and, therefore, it is not focused on only muscled bodies. It focuses on more feminine bodies, including thin waistlines and firm, tight bellies.

GMP Certified: Leanbean’s facilities and procedures satisfy all the conditions of good manufacturing practices, including the FDA’s. You can, thus, trust that with Leanbean; what you get is what it promises you.


  • FDA or BRC registered facilities
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Shipped globally
  • Free delivery for complete bundles
  • Women-focused


  • Requires physical exercises to work


#3. Instant Knockout – Best Men Focused Weight Loss Supplements


instant knockout


The fat-burning supplement mainly targets professional athletes, but it can work for anyone. Instant Knockout Cut has been making waves since 2014, and it has a string of happy customers all over the world. All its ingredients are best practice compliant, and the production facilities are internationally certified.
Its name indicates that Instant Knockout Cut works fast and gives satisfactory results. It speeds up your body’s metabolism and, as a result, helps to reduce fat. With unwanted fat eliminated, the supplement slows down the creation of excess fats by helping your body make the most of the food you eat. There is nothing to worry about here because you are not going on a hunger strike. The supplement takes care of your food consumption without causing any upset. It is one of the reasons it is one of the best fat burners on the market.
Instant Knockout Cut works on various fronts. It powers you in the gym and helps you unlock your maximum potential to peak your achievements. With its energy-boosting components, you are sure of getting a healthy and sculpted body while cutting body fat.


Naturally Sourced Ingredients: A key indicator that Instant Knockout Cut is hundred percent safe is that its ingredients are natural and high quality. In addition, these ingredients satisfy all scientific requirements for weight loss. As a result, the product is less likely to cause adverse reactions or have future side effects.

Same Day Dispatch: Receiving your orders on time is sure because Instant Knockout Cut dispatches orders the same day you purchase them. It is a standing policy of the brand.

Vegan Friendly: Instant Knockout Cut uses safe, vegan-friendly ingredients of high quality. No animal products are used, and it is cruelty-free. All its ingredients come from nature.

Flexible Subscription: According to the brand’s policy, you can cancel your subscription at any point. You can also reactivate your subscription anytime you want. There is a lot of flexibility to the Instant Knockout Cut subscription, making it hassle-free.

Real Pros’ Reviews: This brand has many well-known professional athletes who testify to its efficacy on its website. It is a significant endorsement that goes a long way to credit the genuineness of the fat burner.


  • Perfected for professional athletes
  • Backed by purposeful study results
  • Great customer services
  • Verifiable results
  • Vegan friendly
  • Free shipping


  • May not work for non-athletes
  • Requires rigorous physical exercise for good results

#4. Trimtone – Most Recommended For Weight-Loss Management



Trimtone is a world-class fat burner for women. It is an all-natural dietary supplement that discreetly works every second within your body for the best result. If you want to be a slim girl, this is the best product.
Trimtone is an effective fat burner that tells your body to eliminate more calories and encourages extreme fat loss. Your body ends up the better for it. There’ll be no fat residues that can cause you to be overweight. Furthermore, it will leave just enough calories for your body to absorb to stay healthy.
As a genuine dietary supplement, Trimtone helps you achieve your health and fitness goals. The body does not shed weight just because you are taking a fat burner. Other factors such as diet and physical activity need to go hand in hand with the formula. With this end in view, Trimtone gives you extra energy to go through your day fully powered. It lifts your mood and gives you the energy to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.
Trimtone also considers the most convenient time for you to take the supplement. In formulating the dietary supplement, Trimtone considered convenience of use. It, thus, works best when you take it first thing in the morning before breakfast.


Unique Fat-Burning Mechanism: Trimtone’s fat-burning mechanism is an uncommon one. The product employs your body’s natural mechanisms to get rid of excess fat. It instigates higher metabolism so that the body needs more energy. As a result, it prompts the body to convert stored fat to power up. By doing so, your body rids itself of any unwanted fat.

Website Equipped With Order Tracking: Trimtone offers reliable order tracking information. It has an easy-to-use tracking system on its website. Once you have the order ID and the confirmation email, you can check your order’s shipping status and track the order once it is shipped.

Competitive Prices: Fat burners are generally expensive products. It is mainly because manufacturers need to do extensive research and testing before vouching for their products. Thus, prices are often on the high side. Despite all this, Trimtone’s prices are competitive and relatively cheap for a reliable and quality brand.

Easy-to-Follow Dosage: Trimtone makes dosage easy by combining three dosages in a single capsule. It means you only need to take one capsule a day.


  • 100% natural ingredients
  • One-a-day formula
  • Easy to observe the timing
  • 100-day money-back guarantee
  • Free delivery
  • GMP certified facilities



#5. PrimeShred – Popular Weight Loss Pills For Beginners

This product’s user-proclaimed potency gives it a well-deserved place on our list of the best fat burners on the market. It explores three core weight losing areas to get you the body of your dreams safely. First, PrimeShred accelerates your body’s inbuilt fat-burning processes for utmost calorie shredding. Next, it shifts focus on stubborn fat, stored in the form of fatty acids, and gets them into the bloodstream. Here, they are exposed, and PrimeShred quickly burns them away.
Finally, it also ups your energy and mental focus by augmenting whatever your body loses during appetite suppression. As a result, all likely dieting problems – from burnout to fatigue and feeling mentally drained – never arise.
Because your mood can fluctuate during dieting, PrimeShred provides your system with a mood-boosting complex. So, as you reduce weight by cutting food intake, your mood stays stable and positive, and your motivations remain realistic.


Whole-Body Fat Burning: PrimeShred reaches fat wherever it is in your body and is especially true for stubborn fat. Many products get rid of fat in the chest, arms, and thighs but do not target fat in the waistline. Fat in the waist tends to be very stubborn. With PrimeShred, you can be sure that it will target stubborn and hidden body fat.

High Potency Formula: PrimeShred has a fat burner formula with a fantastic reputation. Its users attest to its high potency and efficacy. Many users claim you start to see the result shortly after taking it.
24/7 Fat Burning: With PrimeShred, your body undergoes weight loss even when you are in your office. Losing weight becomes more realistic with its around-the-clock formula, even when you are not constantly active.

Scientifically Backed Ingredients: PrimeShred comes from world-class laboratories managed by first-class experts. It results from exhaustive research; therefore, it always aligns with science. PrimeShred’s ingredients undergo extensive testing and are clinically proven to be efficient and safe.


  • No hidden ingredients
  • FDA and GMP approved facility
  • Fuss-free refund policy
  • 100-day money-back guarantee
  • Free shipping
  • Secure checkout


  • May cause minor side-effects in some people


#6. Clenbutrol – Effective And Natural Belly Fat Burner

Clenbutrol has a powerful fat-burning formula that shreds fat and retains lean muscles. The product works in a unique way. Its thermogenic properties speed up your basal metabolic rate so that your body can use stored fat as energy. Therefore, the product burns fat but does not waste the fat. Instead, the fat fuels your workout intensity and results in well-defined muscle tones.
It is a regimen supplement that works best when combined with frequent workouts and a healthy diet. You’ll take three capsules daily, each a few minutes before you start exercising. This way, you’ll give the supplement enough time to kick in and harness the full effects of the workout on your body.
If you desire the best results, use Clenbutrol for at least two months non-stop in between workouts. The outcome will leave you open-mouthed. Clenbutrol users praise the supplement particularly for giving extra energy that increases the body’s endurance threshold. Your cardiovascular performance improves significantly due to increased oxygen transportation. These culminate in an increased ability to do more at the gym and sculpt a lean and ripped body.


Not Toxic: One of the issues that put people off when it comes to fat burners is the toxicity of some supplements. Some supplements may put your liver or kidneys at risk. With Clenbutrol, you can be assured your internal organs, especially your liver and kidneys, are safe. Clenbutrol is free of all forms of toxic components. It is produced from the finest natural ingredients that many studies have found to be safe and efficient.

Rapid Result Within 30 Days: Clenbutrol works magic on your body within the first 30 days. Unlike most fat burners, the weight-loss supplement seeps through your body and keeps working even when you are asleep. Unsurprisingly, your body starts showing positive results within 30 days of using the product.

Muscle to Fat Ratio Balancing: Nothing is as beautiful as a well-sculpted body, balanced in every contour. It is precisely what Clenbutrol transforms your body into. You will get a body that carries lean muscles and minimal body fat, just enough for your body’s needs.

Secure Payments: Paying online can have you think twice at times because you are afraid of the safety of your cards. Clenbutrol takes care of your worries by ensuring all your payments go through highly secured platforms.

24/7 Expert LiveChat Support: When you buy Clenbutrol online, you are sure of the top-notch customer service available 24/7. You have the rare advantage of chatting live with an expert and getting all your queries answered. Clenbutrol is a frontrunner in customer support based on what other brands do, making it a great product regarding customer service.


  • Safe and legal
  • Preserves lean muscle mass
  • Enhances stamina and endurance
  • No needles or prescriptions required
  • Free delivery worldwide


  • May not work as well as Clenbuterol

How We Made This List Of Weight Loss Pills That Actually Work

The importance of this list was a driving force in getting it done honestly and thoroughly. We recognized the high number of people looking to use fat burners and knew each person would need the best on the market. Therefore, we kept an open mind and gave every reputable fat-burning product space in our initial research. We also set clear conditions and measures that each product needed to satisfy while looking for the best products. Our aim was to find safe, healthy, and effective fat burners.
Choosing the best fat burners from the many products available in stores and online is confusing. Even more so when all products are claiming to be effective, but customer reviews say otherwise. Getting trapped between the promotional words of the brands and the discouraging words of the users can be frustrating.
We started by looking for the best fat burners available. With so many products on the market, we had to look at each fat burner in detail. First, we considered the popularity of each product and the effects it promises. Next, we looked at the ingredients and whether the ingredients were natural and safe. We eliminated many brands that did not meet our standards following the process. Finally, we were left with the best fat burners on the market.

What We Look For

After serious deliberations that led to many additions and subtractions, we focused on these primary factors. Here they are in no particular order.

  • Strength: Any product that does fulfill its promises is a rip-off. It was not an easy task, as we initially found it quite challenging to determine the exact strength and the effects of each product. However, we later compiled relevant information from websites and customer reviews to determine the effectiveness of the ingredients.
  • Customer Review: We searched the internet to get credible feedback from past users of the products. The aim was to find authentic reviews and not paid ones. Therefore, we considered the reputation of the websites or platforms that had the reviews. Additionally, we gave credence to only certified purchases. When a customer gave negative feedback, we read between the lines. The panel focused on matching the customer’s complaints to the opinions of other users.
  • Price: Price was a key factor since high costs could deny some people access to products. On the other hand, an unjustifiably low price may signify poor quality and inefficiency. We, therefore, considered both.
  • Accessibility: Products can only be helpful when they are accessible. If users cannot easily access a supplement, it can be challenging to trust such a brand. We, thus, rated fat burner supplements based on how easily customers can get the products.
  • Ingredients: What science says about the ingredients that a brand uses in preparing its supplement matters to us. Just as we looked at the potency of the individual components, we equally considered the safety of the ingredients. Some products use chemicals that can cause future health problems. Others use ingredients known for their side effects. Any brands guilty of using such ingredients automatically lose their spot on our list.

Fat Burning Pills: Buying Guide

There are numerous fat burners on the market, and it can feel overwhelming to choose the best product. We, therefore, went the extra mile to put together a buying guide for first-time buyers. A buying guide is necessary to help you identify the factors to look for while shopping for the best fat burners, especially if you want to buy a product that is not on our list. Here are some of the critical factors to consider when buying the best fat burners.

  • Transparency of Ingredients

Never buy a fat burner that does not declare every ingredient it contains. There are many reasons for this, but the most obvious is that you may be allergic to something in it. You know the best product for your body, and since you know your medical history, you won’t choose a product that contains something you are allergic to. Moreover, a product with transparent ingredients will not have any added fillers or unhealthy ingredients.

Products that contain only natural ingredients are generally the best for safety and effectiveness. Fat burners with natural ingredients don’t often cause stomach upset or adverse reactions. You can, thus, rely on them not to have any long-term or short-term side effects.

Not everyone’s body agrees with stimulants. For this reason, you have to know whether the product contains stimulants or not. If it contains stimulants, it would be best to check the ingredient’s quantity to play it safe. Too much of a stimulant in a product may be a red flag since stimulant users are more likely to get addicted to the substance.

Knowing what users of a given fat burner are saying about it will be very useful. Customers have firsthand experience, so nothing can compare to the kind of information they provide. Although some customers may give negative reviews just for vendetta, you can easily detect such reviews. Always, therefore, look carefully at the customer reviews and choose a product with the most positive feedback.

Before buying from a brand, make sure you know and understand their refund and return policy. Some manufacturers set a trap for you in their money-back guarantee and set stringent and complicated conditions that are almost impossible to fulfill. They may ask that you send back unused products in the same bag they sent them in. Or give you a ridiculously short time to send back the product. To be safe, only buy fat burners that provide a minimum of 30 days to return unsatisfactory products. Although those that give you up to 90 to 100 days are the best, 30 days are more than enough to return a product.

  • Facility Certification and Approval

Make sure you check to ensure that the brand manufactures its fat burners in government-certified and approved facilities. Some companies can cut corners, and you don’t want to be a victim of contaminated supplements. The top reputable fat burner brand’s facilities are either GMP or FDA certified. Some even have facilities approved and certified by the two bodies. If you doubt what is on the label, you can turn to the internet to confirm the brand’s authenticity.

FAQs Regarding Fat Burner Supplements

     1.What is a thermogenic fat burner?

When a fat burner supplement is thermogenic, it contains a thermogenic blend. It means that it can stimulate thermogenesis. All these revolve around your natural internal body temperature. Thermogenic fat burners merely tell your body to increase its internal temperature to raise metabolic rate. A higher metabolic rate means your body needs more energy, which it sources from the stored fat. This process is mainly safe and effective for reducing weight.

     2.How soon do I start seeing results after I begin using a fat burner?

First, you need to know that using a fat burner supplement by itself is insufficient. Two other vital areas must go together with its use, including regular physical exercise and eating a healthy diet. If you include these with your supplement, you can expect results between three to five weeks after using the product. However, the timeframe and results depend on various factors. Some can include your body shape and the potency of the supplement you are using. It also depends on the level of your engagement in physical exercise and what you eat. The noticeable progress, therefore, may differ from person to person.

     3.For how long should I use a fat burner before stopping?

Most products are different. Many suggest that you use the supplement for at least three months before stopping. Others want you to use their products for six months non-stop. You can also use some products off and on without any problem. Always, therefore, check what the products you are using prescribe for users.

     4.Can the results of a fat burner be permanent even after I stop using it?

Yes, but with conditions. Remember that the best fat burners use a combination of metabolism enhancers, appetite suppressants, and physical exercise to work effectively. It means that when you stop taking the supplement, your appetite may go up, and your body may relapse to the old, slower rate of metabolism. All these could happen even if you still maintain a good exercise routine. If this is the case, you could soon lose your hard-earned results. However, you can purposely work towards making the results permanent. Regular physical exercise and a healthy diet are the secrets. You will have to study your body and be aware of its requirements after stopping to take a fat burner.

     5.What is the realistic maximum weight I can hope to shed?

The amount of weight you can shed depends on several factors. For instance, your body type is a determining factor in this case. People who are tall and larger built may shed much more weight than smaller people within the same time. We can say the same about your eating habits and the intensity of your physical activities. The amount you could lose, thus, varies from person to person.

     6.Do I need to work out for my fat burner supplement to work?

Yes. Fat burners are not magical pills; they work best when combined with a healthy and active lifestyle. If you desire a good result from the fat burner supplement, you need to work out. You can start little and keep progressing in intensity as your body gets used to the level of physical activity.

     7.Do I need to eat healthy for my fat burner supplement to work?

Yes. Fat burners do not work alone, and healthy diets complement the work of the supplement. It is why most of the best fat burners contain appetite suppressants. You, thus, have to follow up with a healthy diet low in fat and high in protein and fibers.

     8.Are fat burners safe for me?

Fat burner supplements are safe for most people. However, it is better to speak with your healthcare provider before using a supplement. Some health conditions may make using a fat burner unadvisable, and your doctor knows this and will advise you accordingly.

     9.Can I use fat burners with other drugs?

It is best to discuss this with your doctor. Supplements are mainly safe, but you can not entirely rule out interference with other drugs. Meanwhile, some drug and supplement combinations might be dangerous to your health.

Fat Burners : A Conclusion

At present, body image is still a significant factor in determining an individual’s confidence levels. With body shaming being a constant worry, many also live busy lives and may need extra help to lose weight.
Fat burners are a safe and healthy alternative to cosmetic surgery. The supplements work with a healthy and active lifestyle to help give you the body you want. Therefore, giving fat burners a try is a good option and a better alternative for many. They are helpful for those wanting lean and slender bodies. Going by customer reviews, it is a win-win solution.
Our guide has a list of the best fat burners on the market. The dietary supplements on the list are those that have proved to be safe, healthy, and effective. Natural ingredients are a vital factor in determining the health and safety of fat burners. Therefore, the brands on our list use natural components in their supplements. Together with a healthy diet and frequent exercise, these fat burners help you shed weight naturally.
The best fat burners are accessible and, therefore, everyone has the chance to look the way they like. It is also, comparatively speaking, the cheapest and safest of the available solutions and might even be the most effective. It is non-invasive and therefore leaves no scars. Many fat burners with natural ingredients also encourage a healthy lifestyle.


The news and editorial staffs of the Bay Area News Group had no role in this post’s preparation.

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