After the ice cream test, participants received a post-survey and another survey one month later. The study results show that attending the nominal focus groups had a significant and positive effect on dairy product purchasing and consumption between the pre-survey and the one-month follow-up survey. Clark elaborated, “Average dairy product […]

Raw oats are a natural source of resistant starch Marc Oliver/Alamy A supplement containing a kind of carbohydrate that takes longer to be digested, called resistant starch, has helped people lose a modest amount of weight in a small trial. Resistant starch is naturally found in beans, wholegrains, raw oats […]

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain A new review has concluded that hospitals that are privatized typically deliver worse quality care after converting from public ownership. The study, led by University of Oxford researchers, has been published today in The Lancet Public Health. Lead author Dr. Benjamin Goodair, postdoctoral researcher at the […]