Carrots might just be the most versatile vegetable. And whether they’re raw or roasted, savory or sweet, you’ll get the same nutritional benefits from carrots.

“Carrots are budget-friendly, have a long shelf life, can be consumed raw or cooked, by themselves or mixed in a dish and are one of

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How nutritious are meat substitutes, really? Image credit: Juan Moyano/Stocksy.
  • Vegetarian diets that include meat substitutes are becoming more popular.
  • Researchers are still working to understand the benefits and drawbacks of incorporating meat substitutes into the diet.
  • A​ recent study looked at the value of certain nutrients

Though many people have never heard of tatsoi, this vibrant veggie is well worth adding to your shopping list.

Not only is it highly nutritious, but it also boasts a slightly sweet, earthy flavor that works well in many different dishes.

This article will take an in-depth look at tatsoi,


Though not as well-known as cereal grains like quinoa, freekeh packs a punch when it comes to both flavor and nutrition.

In addition to being an excellent source of protein, fiber, and manganese, freekeh is incredibly versatile and can be added to many different recipes.

Plus, it’s easy to prepare


Spinach dip is a tasty, easy-to-make dip that’s a perfect party food or appetizer for a crowd.

Still, not all spinach dips are created equal. Some are calorie-dense and contain a lot of saturated fat and sodium while others are lighter, filled with vegetables, and offer healthy fat and protein.