Which products to pack in glass

If you have a business that sells products, you run into many complex issues on a daily basis. Some require even more attention than others, and that is fine, but you will have to solve it eventually. Continuity must be ensured, and you are ultimately responsible for this, behave accordingly! How will you behave accordingly? By getting information on topics that might (can) concern you in the workplace. Today we are going to help you with this by telling you which products are best to use glass packaging for. You can get this glass packaging from anywhere, but we are big fans of the ones from glassmeister. These glass containers are solid, have a chic look and are made to last.


If you are a company that sells cosmetics, then for almost any product, packing and shipping your products in glass packaging is a great option. This is actually the best option, considering the look it brings and the handiness it brings. A cream in a glass jar, drops in a cosmetic bottle and mascara in a glass jar.

Personal care

Personal care is really the same as cosmetics in this area, which we think is fairly self-explanatory. But could also contain creams for your skin or even your hair.


Perfume in anything other than a glass bottle? Believe it yourself. That simply goes against all the laws of nature and everything on this earth that matters. You have to put a perfume in a nice bottle, which, by the way, you can design all by yourself with glassmeister or choose a standard packaging from their range. This bottle can have a certain colour, a certain shape and a certain opening. You do have to take care of the layout yourself, but that’s it. So these bottles lend themselves extremely well to perfumes.


A lot of food is stored in plastic these days, which is a shame. Plastic gives off tiny microparticles that eventually all end up in your food. No, you need to make sure you have nice glass packaging. This often looks much nicer too, and it usually keeps much longer. You can store almost any kind of food in a glass bottle or jar. Choose carefully one that suits your company, your product and your target group; that’s it. Good luck and above all, have fun!

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